I Didn’t Realize There Was So Much Going On

We received a phone call from one of the principals in the financial services company we profiled in the case study of our book, “Complexity Works!” He had just finished reading the case and was shocked that our brief time together had resulted in 46 pages of evaluation and commentary.

“I had no idea that all of that was going on. I just thought we were having a meeting.”  While we were intentional in applying the lenses, distinctions, and tools of the Complexity SpaceTM Framework for the purpose of writing that part of the book, we could have applied the same level and depth of analysis to any team or organization.

Any and all human interactions always have complex dynamics at play. Whether a routine team meeting or complex corporate-wide transformation, each of the elements of the Complexity Space™ Framework is always present.

csfEach Ecosystem holds enduring, pervasive, and hard to influence Dimensions

Linkages connect various elements within systems, and connect internal and external entities

Interactions take place in the context of over-arching meta-patterns we call States

Those States are constantly being challenged by internal and/or external Disruptions

People take intentional action – in the CSF, they leverage Catalysts – to influence patterns and make change happen

Indicators provide continuous feedback on how the actions taken are impacting objectives


Throughout this always-present, constantly evolving process, everyone involved can’t help but have an intentional guide or approach, a Navigation Process, for getting from where they are now to where they want to be.

If your change efforts are not delivering the results and transformation you desire, we invite you to explore how the Complexity Space™ Framework in your unique organizational situation creates new possibilities for thought and action.