“Larry stands out as one of the most remarkably capable, versatile, and effective practitioners of our profession. He constantly investigates and adds leading edge frameworks, tools, and practices to his broad portfolio of capabilities. He is one of the most valuable “thinking buddies” a senior HR executive can have in their brain trust. Larry’s expertise and execution skills in the full life-cycle of change management work remains virtually unmatched. He is a genuinely superb diagnostician, who possesses more practical know-how than anyone else about gathering, analyzing and using data to drive productive change.”

– Julian D. Kaufmann,
President & CEO at the JDK Group, LLC

“Larry is one of those rare people who is a true expert in several fields. Beyond his specific expertise, he is able to successfully combine his knowledge to bring it to bear on any problem or opportunity at hand. He is persistent, comprehensive, and sticks with a project until its guaranteed successful completion. My experience with him, and it has been extensive, has always been of superior quality results.”

– Dr. Warren Wilhelm,
President, Global Consulting Alliance

“Our meetings with Larry served as terrific team-building opportunities. Larry provided the right combination of conceptual learning with group discussion and activity, enabling us to apply the tools to our team’s specific members and needs. The results are invaluable in helping us understand each other better and in working more effectively as a team.”
– John Nawrath,
VP of Benefits & HR Operations, Tyco International