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Complexity Works!

The Industrial Revolution provided many tools that have made our current way of life possible. With over 100 years of success, they became the assumed, natural, “correct” ways to to make change happen.

For all of the benefits those tools offer, they are no longer sufficient to address today’s complex systems and organizations. There are too many variables; too many changes happening too quickly; too much change — to believe every issue can be deconstructed, decomposed, analyzed, prioritized, and the “one best, guaranteed way” implemented to address all of that complexity.

We believe an additional set of concepts and tools is required to make sense of this  complexity. We’ve named them the “Complexity Spaceā„¢ Framework” and believe it offers a new lens for teams and organizations looking to survive and prosper in a complex world.”

“Useful information for thinking and behaving in adaptive ways that can be applied to any organization. By using the concepts, models, and tools presented, readers can improve their own business improvement processes.”

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