Improving Processes

Processes are perfectly designed to produce the results they are currently achieving!

Are your processes:

  • Effective?
  • Efficient?
  • User-friendly?
  • Flexible and easily changed?

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

The Lean Six Sigma (LSS) approach to process improvement focuses on customers, data, and the use of a defined methodology. Larry’s approach to LSS builds on those areas by also recognizing and addressing the emotional impact of change on the people implementing them as well as those impacted by them. Therefore, in addition to teaching the analytical concepts and tools, he also integrates the following topics in his process improvement methodology:

  • Change management
  • Communication skills
  • Meeting management
  • Project management
  • Team dynamics

Larry utilizes a project-based, “learn and do,” modular approach so that organizations will benefit from immediate improvements as they build the capability to address future issues on their own.