Developing Leaders and Teams

What’s the only asset that can’t be easily replicated by your competitors? Your People!

And in today’s turbulent environment, they need support:

  • Coping with change and complexity
  • Managing changing demographics
  • Leading continuous learning

Larry provides a variety of processes to help leaders, managers, and supervisors become more effective in their positions:

  • Leader, Manager, and Supervisor Development
  • Team Building
  • Individual and Team Assessment
  • Coaching

Each of these processes utilizes:

  • Principles of adult learning to provide conceptually sound learning experiences
  • Practical tools
  • Real work and immediate application

Total Learning Architecture©

The acquisition, utilization, and dissemination of learning and knowledge is critical to create and sustain organizational change. Larry has partnered with Global Consulting Alliance to develop a system-wide framework that enables organizations to identify their learning needs and create customized learning processes for every level of employee.